AirTight Aluminium Air Piping System
Aluminium Air Pipe

AirTight’s full-featured pipelines are oxidized and the surface of the aluminium will naturally form an oxide film, thus providing corrosion protection and ensuring the quality of the compressed air flowing through the pipeline. Anodizing treatment is an electrochemical reaction process. This reaction is a thickening of the oxide film on the metal surface, thereby improving the hardness, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and wear resistance of the metal surface. The entire performance pipeline is anodized and oxidized to AA10, i.e., the thickness of the anodized film reaches 10μm.

  • Airtight full range of aluminum alloy components.
  • Internal and external surfaces adopt advanced processing technology, strict production, and quality assurance.
  • Exceeding the component thickness of the target, design life of the component over 20 years.
PPRC/PPCH Air Piping System


PPRC/PPCH Air Piping System

AirTight is an Energy Saving Aluminium Alloys Compressed Air Piping System which enables the customers to bring down their energy losses occurred due to pressure drop and unnecessary elements like corrosion in pipe, falsely done piping and many other factors.

We have a professional and technically expert team for designing, budgeting and installation for your Compressed Air Piping requirements. We have a very high satisfactory customer base across India.

We offer a complete project solution starting from Air Generation to Air Distribution to Air Line Accessories to End use.

We are committed to high quality and increasing productivity of our customers by eliminating their hurdles of air piping.  We strongly believe in Leadership through customer care.