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Pneuma’ (Greek) means ‘breath’ or ‘wind’. And ‘Pneumatics’ is the engineering technology that employs compressed air or inert gases to power industrial applications.


Just as pneuma (breath) is critical to human survival, the science of Pneumatics is vital for numerous industries today.


Presenting Deep Pneumatics Pvt Ltd

A dynamic, knowhow-driven, future-savvy company that offers cutting-edge, comprehensive compressed air solutions to a diverse range of industries.


Deeply Meaningful Product Ideas.

High Pressure Lubricated Reciprocating Air Compressors
Electric Driven 2.2-18.5 kw.
Air Delivery Capacity 5-74 cfm.
Pressure 20-70 bar.
Oil Injected Screw Air Compressors
Electric Driven 7.5-250 kw.
Air Delivery Capacity 45-1556 cfm.
PM motor with Variable Speed Drive Screw Air Compressors
Electric Driven with VFD 22-250 kw.
Air Delivery Capacity 130-1556 cfm.
Two Stage Screw Air Compressors
Electric Driven with VFD 37-280 kw.
Air Delivery Capacity 278-1900 cfm.
Lubricated Reciprocating Air Compressors
Lubricated Electric Driven 0.75-22 kw.
Air Delivery Capacity 3-90 cfm.
Pressure 8-13 bar.
PSA Gas Generators
Capacity : 5 to 60 Nm3 / Hour
Capacity : 10 to 200 Nm3 / Hour



Over 26 Years of Experience
We have very well experience of understanding the customer’s need and accordingly suggest the best suitable solution for optimum productivity.
Sales & Service Network
We have more than 25 dealers across the country
to give just in time service to our customers. 
Innovative and Reliable Products with continuous improvements
We are regularly upgrading our products for essential technological needs. with continuous improvements
Quality is proves technology
From day one, we never compromise on quality to maintain our commitment to our customers to prove our craft and quality.
Commitment customer service
Whether it’s sales parts, service parts we always keep our promises to our customers.
Fastest growing Indian manufacturer of compressors
We are one of the fastest growing company as an Indian manufacturer of compressors. 

(PP Woven Sacks Manufacturer)

Asia Bulk Sacks Pvt. Ltd. – Kadi, Gujarat – India
  • We supplied 1st compressor in 2010 and it is still running with more than 46,000 hours.
  • After getting satisfied by the performance we supplied another compressor in 2012, and today customer is using our 5 nos. of compressors as below:
    1. Fix Speed compressors – 30HP: 3 nos.
    2. VFD Compressors – 50HP & 75HP
  • Today customer is saving lot of energy by installing our Energy Saving Permanent Magnet Screw Air Compressors.


One of the World’s preferred Compressed air solution providers – within the coming Decade.

97%Satisfaction Ratio
13+Years Of Experience


VBC Hydraulics/PamaHydroparts
Ahmedabad, Gujarat – India
I am the first customer of Deep Pneumatics. I am using their 7 nos of compressors. Thanks to their energy saving technology as today I am saving huge amount of power. Good product to rely on!
Pilot Technocast
Rajkot, Gujarat – India
We bought Deep Pneumatics 1st compressor in 2011and today all our group companies are using their compressors. We are very happy from their services and product quality. We highly recommend them to our industrial friends for their energy saving technology.
Chamak Polymers
Mehsana, Gujarat – India
We at chamak group believes in quality and Deep Pneumatics team are very much expert to understand our need and suggest quality product. All our group companies are using their compressors. 
Asia Bulk Sacks
Kadi, Gujarat – India
We are happy to be associated with such vendor who are always at our door step whenever we need them. We are using Deep Pneumatics compressors since 2012, as of now we have 5 nos. compressors and saving lot of money in terms of power.
Hi-Tech Sweet Water Technologies
Surat, Gujarat – India
We highly recommend Deep Pneumatics for their excellent product quality and service. Even we are using their compressors in our foreign plants too.
Freedom Fragnances
Surat, Gujarat – India
We are very much satisfied from Deep Pneumatics service and quality. We are using their machines since 2011 and we are happy with the performance.
Crestona Group
Morbi, Gujarat – India
Quality with good price is always preferable for us and that’s why we recommend Deep Pneumatics.
Lexcru Water Purification
Ahmedabad, Gujarat – India
We are happy and satisfied customer of Deep Pneumatics. We recommend them to our industrial friends.
DC Textiles
Tarapur, Maharashtra – India
Earlier we were confused about buying Deep Pneumatics compressors but after experiencing their quality and service, we are happy and satisfied. 
SSB Metal
Mumbai, Maharashtra – India
Good quality and best service.
Mayur Apparel
Belgaum, Karnataka – India
Quality products and quality service.
Formulax Wood
Goa – India
We are using Deep Pneumatics compressors in all our group companies due to excellent quality and service.

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