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Vibrant Series II Screw Air Compressor
    Vibrant Series II Screw Air Compressor
  • Series: Vibrent Series Screw Air Compressor
  • Gas supply: 16.3-35m³/min
  • Motor power: 90KW-200KW
  • Pressure: 7-12.5BAR

Our oil-injected screw compressors employ a multiple-module design, which can provide customers with their needed products flexibly. According to the expected cost of customers, compressors of low-cost belt-driven type, low-noise direct-driven type, and high efficient and energy-saving types are available for your choice. All of our compressors have the advantages of high efficiency, reliability, economy and superior quality, and the capacity can be regulated according to the required output. With a capacity regulation function in the compressed air system, our compressors can regulate the flow rate according to the actual air quantity needed by customers and meet their different requirements. Therefore, the compressors only create the energy required to complete its work, thus avoiding unnecessary waste. Moreover, the power consumption is matched precisely with the air quantity, and thus energy costs are saved.

Model Power
Exhausting Capacity
DP125D 90 125 16.5/16/14.5/12.5 7/8/10/12.5 2460X1620X1692 2560 Dn65
DP150D 110 150 20.3/20/17.5/15.6 7/8/10/12.5 2460X1620X1692 2560 Dn65
DP180D 132 180 24.4/24/21/18 7/8/10/12.5 2700X1750X1850 3100 Dn65
DP220D 160 220 29/28.3/24/21.5 7/8/10/12.5 2700X1750X1850 3200 Dn65
DP250D 185 250 32.5/31.6/28.3/24.5 7/8/10/12.5 2700X1750X1850 3450 Dn80
DP270D 200 270 35.1/34.5/30.8/27.8 7/8/10/12.5 2700X1750X1850 3640 Dn80