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PM Series Screw Air Compressor
    PM Series Screw Air Compressor
  • Gas supply: 3.7m³/min~3.7m³/min
  • Motor power: 22kw~132kw
  • Pressure: 7bar ~ 12.5bar

Adopt High Efficiency Magnetic Material
DP PM motor adopt high efficiency magnetic material whichi could resist to 180℃ high temp.which make sure the PM motor will not happen demagnetization.

Special Design Dual Oil Cooling Motor
PM motor adopt dual housing design,and it take use of compressor itself lubricant system to cool down motor circu-larly through its oil channel.It could prevent the demagnetization of PM motor for the whole frequency range running it break through the motor traditional air cooling method which help reduce energy consumption and help save more energy

Special Morse Connection
Airend and main motor adpot Morse connection easy for installation and dismantlement not need to make adjustment better protection for inner parts of PM motor which help reduce maintenance cost.

High Protection Grade
IP54 protection grade which could be used in harsh environment prolong life span of PM motor

Particular Low Noise Design
Anti-vibration base plat form design,totally enclosed cabinet fitted with soundproof material which help reduce noise level as much as possible

Small Leakage Automatic Treatment Function
The airend include special designed return chute when shaft seal have small oil leakage there have oil leakage treatment function whichi could absorb these leaked oil back to airend and help reduce maintenance cost.

Constant Pressure Supply
According to your compressed air consumption the compressor will automatically adjust PM speed to produce the matched compressed air suitable for your application while keep the pressure stable at rated pressure±0.1 BAR

Model Power
Exhausting Capacity
Air Outlet
DP30PM-7/8/10 22 30 3.7/3.6/3.2 7/8/10 1200X800X1100 520 Rc 1
DP50PM-7/8/10 37 50 6.1/6/5.7 7/8/10 1300X900X1270 770 Rc1 1/2
DP60PM-7/8/10 45 60 7.3/7.2/7.1 7/8/10 1300X900X1270 810 Rc1 1/2
DP75PM-7/8/10 55 75 10.2/10.1/8.7 7/8/10 1800X1200X1550 1510 Rc2
DP100PM-7/8/10 75 100 13.3/12.9/11.8 7/8/10 1800X1200X1550 1550 Rc2
DP125PM-7/8/10/12.5 90 125 16.3/15.1/14.5/12.8 7/8/10/12.5 2900X1620X1692 2850 DN65
DP150PM-7/8/10/12.5 110 150 20.1/19.5/17.5/15.6 7/8/10/12.5 2900X1620X1692 2900 DN65
DP180PM-7/8/10/12.5 132 180 24.5/24/21/18 7/8/10/12.5 2700X1750X1850 3600 DN65