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Diesel Portable Screw Compressor
    Diesel Portable Screw Compressor
  • Gas supply: 21-26m³/min
  • Motor power: 239KW
  • Pressure: 7-12.5bar

To compress air in a movable way, DIESEL PORTABLE SCREW COMPRESSOR series compressors of DP are the right choice. Compressors of different models have the pressure ranging from 7 to 14 bar (101 to 204 psi). DP strives to meet your requirements with its movable compressors of high quality and efficiency. All the compressors of different models are equipped with a control panel at a proper position, and a simple and removable outer casing or a large-sized repair door for easy operation and routine maintenance, which are the standard configurations for the whole series products.

Model DP113PE-7 DP113PE-8 DP113PE-10 DP113PE-13.5
Capacity(m3/min) 13 12.7 12.5 12
Rated Pressure(bar) 7 8 10 13.5
Max. Speed(km/h) 20
Max. Working Angel 15
Weight(kg) 2500
L*W*H(mm) 2962*2165*2019
Tire Distance(mm) 1835
Tire Model 7.50-16
Max. Altitude (m) 2000
Manufacturer CUMMINS
Model 6BTA5.9-C180
Speed,Load/Idel(rpm) 2500/1500
Power(Kw) 132/180
Exhausting Volume(L) 5.9
Coolant(L) 18.9
Lubricant 13
Fuel(L) 185
Voltage(V) 24
Battery(Ah) 150
Lubricant(L) 54
Outlet 2-G3/4,1-G1 1/4